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Park Tour In Biggleswade And Sandy


Do you find yourself taking the children to the same park week in week out? Me too!! Hence why I decided to Take a 'Park Tour' of all the parks in Biggleswade and Sandy (hoping I did'nt miss any out)

Not only are play areas playing an important role in the development of social and motor skills in young children, as well as encouraging an active lifestyle but they are a great way to get into the great outdoors and make happy memories without breaking the bank. Simple pleasures!

I have added the 'What Three Words' location to each park for ease of locating them. If you are unsure what this is, it's an app where you enter the three words and it will direct you to the exact location.

Ellicot Grove - craziest.broccoli.rating

Tavener Drive - grocers.ponies.alerting

Franklins - credit.equity.snooty

Stratton Way - swim.eased.throats

Salcombe Close - logic.houseboat.balance

Finzi Grove - dunes.zoos.profited

Herschel Green - shears.hoops.commander

Kings Reach -birds.occurs.notifying

Apollo Gardens - confronts.suckle.rumbles

Rutherford - sleepy.casually.caused

Poppy Field - loudly.denim.clarifies

Foxglove Drive - farmland.culminate.relate

Kitelands - keyboard.twists.hack

Kayser Court - tortoises.artichoke.cheeses

Fairfield Road -  valued.acid.occupiers

Elder Close - most.mulled.situation

Beeston Green - drawn.photo.songbirds

Fallowfields - weep.madness.creatures

Bedford Road - steps.rucksack.snow

Sunderland Road - carriage.gulped.caused

Chambers Way - disco.pursuing.amazed

Baden Powell - dove.vibes.optimists

I hope you have as much fun exploring them as we did!!

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