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How To Get Free Access To Over 200 Attractions For 6-15 Year Olds


Of course everyone likes to save money, you would be daft if you didn't.

How? So if you have a child aged at least 6 years old and enjoy visiting attractions then this article is for you!

Simply apply for a Blue Peter Badge on the BBC website by sending in a creative contribution to earn the badge. This could be a poem, a story, some artwork, a model, a recipe, a suggestion for the show, or an interesting letter telling us about something you have done linked to your hobbies and interests.

Include: your full name, your date of birth, your home postal address and postcode (not your school address) then post it to Blue Peter with the correct stamp on it (you'll need a 'large letter' stamp if sending an A4, or to pay for parcel postage if bigger than a letter)
Send your application letter and any other materials to the following address:

Blue Peter



M50 2BH

Need some creative contribution inspiration? The why not check out the badge wall segment live on Blue Peter (Thursdays, 5:30pm on CBBC), catch up on BBC iPlayer OR visit the ‘Post of the Week’ page.

What happens when I've sent my application? Thousands of children apply for badges each year and it can take up to 12 weeks for your badge to arrive, so please be patient! If you have any further questions, check out our badge Q&A pages.

My badge arrived! How do I use it? When you receive your Blue Peter badge, check the letter that came with it. If we have everything we need, the letter will confirm that your Blue Peter badge ID card will be arriving in the near future.

If your letter asks you to register your details please fill in the badge card form (the badge card is an ID card we ask badge holders to use with their badge to enter badge attractions).

You will need the badge ID card to gain free entry to any of the 200 attractions listed on our website!

Your badge ID is valid up until your child is 16 years old.

Please note: Current UK government advice advises everyone to stay at home and so for the time being, you will not be able to visit Blue Peter Badge attractions.

Where can I get free entry with my badge? There are over 200 attractions in the UK that give you free entry as a Blue Peter badge holder. 

You can browse the attractions here.

Make sure a parent or guardian reads the terms and conditions!

I hope this article has been an interesting read, I would love to see how many of you apply!!

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