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Mum's guide to Colchester is a website for everyone and as such we have tried our best to ensure that all our visitors enjoy a good browsing experience regardless of technology or ability.

If you are having trouble reading the text on the site and you are unable to zoom in/out with your browser, then adjusting the default text-size of your browser will modify the text-size on the main content area throughout the site accordingly.  Please refer to your browser help for guidance on how to do this.

Where we have used scripting to provide functionality that may not be supported by some browsing technologies or to provide pseudo-links, we have taken care to ensure that suitable alternatives are in place so that everyone can access all the features and links of the website.

We have followed government guidelines to provide access keys for common links:

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Using access keys varies from browser to browser. If you are unsure of how to use access keys please refer to your browser help.

Where we have set up links to open in a new browsing window we have taken care to provide warning of this in the tooltip/title attribute of the link.

If you do experience any problems using the site please do let us know via our contact us page and we will look at ways of fixing it.