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Free or budget friendly outdoor summer ideas!


With Summer approaching us here are some outdoor ideas that will cost nothing or pennies to try!

Go for a walk 
Drink coffee/smoothie/milk outside
Make and eat ice lollies outside 
Water your garden
Story time outside
Play Eye-Spy

Have  a BBQ
Swim at a paddling pool or local river. Try Tewinbury Farm, the stream in Barton Le Clay, the stream in Stanborough, or , furtherfield- Priory Park (112 Middle Lane, London, N8 8LJ ) or Lammas Land, Cambridge for lovely free paddling pools. 

Run through a sprinkler
Have fun at a splashpark. We have some great ones near us- Splashland, Stanborough, Fairlands Valley, Stevenage, Cassiobury, Watford, or Veralanium, St Albans. 
See a Great Lake
Go Fishing
Paddle boating
Play in a pool
Shop a famer’s market 
Plant flowers
Enjoy a family camp-out
Toss water balloons
Play in the sand
Visit a Pick your own farm

Stay Up Past Bedtime
Sit by a bonfire
Roast marshmallows
Use sparklers
Watch fireworks
Read scary stories
Play flashlight tag
Star gazing 

Play catch
Fly a kite
Throw a frisbee
Roller skate
Kick a ball around
Go (miniature) golfing
Flag football
Play basketball
Skate park- try king georges V playing field!
Race at a track

Walk a nature trail - Commonswood Nature Reserve or Moneyhole are fantastic
Outdoor yoga
Have a silent disco
Learn a TikToc Dance
Plan a garden/ field Olympics
Take a family bike ride 
Try a skipping rope
Have a hula hoop contest
Perfect your cartwheels
Make a fairy door
Build-Your-Own Boat Race
Pavement art with chalk

Collect pebbles and paint them

Blow bubbles
Climb a tree
Jump in rain puddles
Play in mud (make mud kitchen food)
Go on a scavenger hunt
Tell stories while looking up at the clouds
Create a garden/ field obstacle course
Make sun shadows
Play hide and seek
Take photos of nature
Go on a bug hunt
Pick flowers for a bouquet
Take pictures of nature
Bird watch in your garden
Make a bird feeder
Build a fort
Go on a swing
Have a picnic with your teddies

Do Good
Clean up a local park
Pull weeds for a neighbour 
Visit an elderly relative
Make lemonade and collect donations

and the best one,  Have fun and make memories !

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