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St. Neots Family Walk


This is a great buggy friendly walk that is easily accessible all year round and includes a rewarding stop off at a local café or restaurant.

The route is circular, pathed, starts at a playground to wear your little one out and takes you along the river, over beautiful bridges, past a church and through St. Neots.

The route is around 45 minutes but may take longer with playtime in the park, a stop off at a local café or shopping. I normally do this route on a Thursday’s which is a Market Day or on the Farmer’s Market day which is on nearly every Saturday (see our What's On page for the latest market information) .

Note: There are only two steps, by the church, to get up but I managed this easily by pulling the buggy up backwards.

Map: Please note I have taken photo's where the red dots are indicated.


1.       To begin the journey start at the River Side Car Park PE19 7SA. I know it as the car park with the Ambience Café, the playground and the Riverside Miniature Railway. If you want to know how to use the parking machine check-in/check-out system there is a great video with instructions that can be found here.

2.      You can visit the playground with your little one for a few minutes if you like.

3.       Take the path with the pond on your left and the Miniature Railway passing on your right.

4.       Follow the path away from the pond until you see a path on the left. Take this path.

5.       Following this path head towards the river which is hidden by a line of trees ahead.

6.       Once you reach the river turn right and continue to follow the river until you see a beautiful white bridge.

7.       Go over this white bridge and the next one.

8.       Turn left and follow the path along side the river, with the river now on your left. There’s a lovely log to sit on or climb on by the river and enjoy the view.

9.       As you walk around the bend look left (don’t take this or you’ll be going the wrong way), Millie’s swing is just up there under the trees if you fancy a quick swing before carrying on.


10.   Once you get to the end of track turn left (straight-ish) to join the path in the cul de sac. At the end of the road stay on the path and go left along Pope road.

11.   Walk straight towards the bungalows, it feels like a dead end but there is a pedestrian access between.

12.   Once out the other side of the ginnel/gulley/alley turn left. This takes you past the Primary school on your right.

13.   Follow the path towards the river and around the right turning bend, so that the river is on your left and the primary school is on your right.

14.   At the end of the path you’ll come to a rough road with the entrance to St. Neots Marina on your left. (This is marked as a purple dot on the map) Cross the road and continue on the pedestrian path/track marked with a green sign. A you walk along the path you will go through a small wooded area.

15.   Follow this around with the river still on your left until you come to a bridge. Cross over the bridge and head right towards the Brook Street Car Park.

16.   Once in Brook Street Car Park head towards the church. There are two big steps, I managed these by pulling my buggy backwards up them. Don’t worry these are the only steps.

17.   Turn left through the St. Neots Parish Church yard with the beautiful church on your right. Don’t’ forget to look up, it’s really beautiful and big.

18.   Continue to walk straight with Poppy’s Vintage Tea Rooms on your right. This is the part where you can think about visiting a local cafe, the market and shops.

19.   As you reach the road turn left and walk through the town, past the market square and over the bridge.

20.   You will find a nice ramp toward the end of the bridge that takes you back into the Riverside car park.

I hope you enjoyed my favourite buggy walk.

Louisa x

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