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What have we been up to recently? Have we a new family recipe we've loved we want to share? Do we want to highlight a particular area of Hertford? From National Make a friend day to pizza dough recipes you can find it here. We are specialist days out bloggers and when it comes to days out with the kids locally we aim to give you the lowdown. So do head over to our tried and tested pages too. 

From Hertford's Number 1 mummy blogger (in google search results- last updated 24/9/21) and Tots100 chart featured parenting blogger and one of the leading mummy bloggers in Hertfordshire (Rank 3 in Google searches 24/9/21) and rank 4 in google searches for "Hertfordshire bloggers" (11/21). #kayleigh&theboys



Big Garden Birdwatch



Take part in Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend 29-31 Jan.

Its a wonderful way to get the children enjoying some nature from the safety of their back gardens (you could even just watch from your window if you'd rather not be outside.)

Spend an hour counting the birds you see in your garden or from your balcony, then report back what you saw. It really is that simple!

Its totally free to sign up and you get a lovely little pack emailed to you with printable bird IDs and lots more fun information. What a brilliant way to bring the family together and away from those screens this weekend . For more details see here.

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