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Kids Review: The Hoo's Kids Book Fest - 11th May 2014


By Charlotte Woodhead, Age 7

Today I went to the children’s book festival at Luton Hoo with my four year old brother and two year old sister. We had a great time!

First we went into the Creative Conservatory and found ‘The Giant Map of Make Believe’ which is basically a long piece of paper where children can draw imaginary things, (for example I drew a star with a face, legs and arms!).


Next we met some illustrators and writers. I read a storybook called ‘Jessica the pilot’ and I met the lady who illustrated the book. Then I had my picture drawn by an illustrator named Ben.


In the comic tent I met a 13 year old boy who set up his own comic called ‘The Zoom’ and we had a go at ‘Muck Burger’ which is a game where you have a catapult and you have to shoot burgers at four targets.  I managed to hit 3 out of 4!

Then I had my face painted as a leopard which is one of my favourite animals.  I also wrote a line of a story about a person touching some butter and turning into a tub, which lots of children had written parts of.  I drew a picture of my mum and completed a maze then they were put on the wall with lots of other pictures that children had drawn.  Then my brother and I had a go at guessing where Charlie’s golden ticket was hidden around the world and the prize was a golden ticket to Roald Dahl world.


 Just before we left we met some nice ladies from the library and they gave us some library things.  I got a bookmark, a wristband and a badge, my brother got a wristband and a bookmark and my sister got a wristband, a bookmark and a book.  As we were walking out we had a go at the tombola and I won a book and a can of coke! 

My favourite part of the day was playing the Muck Burger game!


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